When she was a teenager experiencing the depths of depression, Aspasia had a spontaneous immersion with music & dance as a creative way to express emotional pain and soul. Since then, she has been exploring Meditation, Dance, Movement, Consciousness, Transformation, Trauma and Awakenings through long-term practice, study and life. She has experienced some radical shifts in her physical body, heart and mind, and they are ongoing. She shares her findings with everyone who listens, and offers a platform where people are supported and inspired to embody Nature’s Laws.

Self expression, Soul purpose, Creativity, Joyfulness and Fun!

Aspasia offers interdependent somatic modalities that activate our innate Natural rhythms. When Nature’s Laws are expressing in us, anything that is outdated or ‘doesn’t belong anymore’ falls away. Loving Stillness embodies stronger and deeper rippling out into the world, and changing it for the benefit of all beings.

Visit Aspasia’s Website: Amate Anima
Video conveying essence of: Aspasia’s Movement