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Avalon Rising: Working with Ascended Masters

We’re blessed at Avalon Rising, the World Ascension Summit, to be working with a group of 9 Ascended Masters that collectively we call, “Openhand”. What do we mean by that? The first thing to say is to be wary of creating identity around them. The risk is to create icons that are consciously (and subconsciously) placed on a pedestal that then becomes disempowering – for their purpose is the empowerment of sovereign souls. I recall one of my early connections with these beings. I was out on a camping trip, meditating in high-energy places, opening into higher dimensional connections. When the group came through, I was intrigued as to their individual identities, but it was clear from the outset, the previous identities they’d incarnated as no longer existed. It was the energy that held essential importance right now. And for me, at the time, I got the sense of there being a group of 9 that were working together. How should I best know you then? I inwardly asked. ‘Simply as numbers’ came the answer…

At the very next campsite I arrived at that evening, I needed to tune into the wifi, for which the access code was: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9! With the group I felt a tremendously warm and compassionate connection, a guiding hand of illumination through the darkness.  Hence I came to know them as “Openhand”.

I came to realise the numbers actually carry a deeper significance because they relate to the rays of Unity Consciousness of which sentient souls are formed, and how the Ascended Master Energies then work with emergent souls. So each number relates to a ray of consciousness, there being 7 in total, 7 qualities of soul that blend to form what’s termed the ‘soul-ray-harmonic’ (there are possibly more rays, however, I was given to simplify around 7 within the Openhand work). Each ray resonates a key aspect of authentic beingness for your soul. The rays then point to essential keys of possibility, of expression and evolution, the actualisation of which, helps you emerge from the karmic density of the Old Paradigm…

In any given situation, in any of life’s challenges you’re facing, where you’re unsure of what to do next and where your beingness is seeking to evolve, I put it to you that what you’re really looking for, are keys to activate new aspects of previously dormant beingness. When these frequencies come alive in you, then a new evolution takes shape and the world manifests in a new way around you. New, more aligned choices form themselves. Hence finding these keys can be utterly priceless.

With grace and diginity, we’ll be harnessing the energy of these 9 Ascended Masters for you to benefit from at Avalon Rising, the World Ascension Summit.